Top Islands of Greece

When I think of Greece (Hellenic Republic) today, two things come to my mind: Greek mythology and Greek economic crisis.

When, just for a moment, I rid my mind of the grandeur of the past and the emergency of today I see before me a land of unparalleled beauty and grace. Located in South-East Europe, Greece is surely one of the less-explored-yet-outrageously-gorgeous destinations of the world. The country primarily has a mountainous mainland and its indented coastline and several islands result in it having one of the longest coastlines in the world.

Yes, you must visit Greece at least once in your lifetime and when you plan to, here are the islands that you must head to.


Greece travel is incomplete without a visit to the island of Santorini. Santorini, named after Saint Irene, is a group of volcanic islands and offers one of the most breath-taking sunset views in the world. The beaches have emerald waters and black + red volcanic sand. There are sufficient luxurious and budget hotel options to choose from and the tiny Santorini villages perched on top of cliffs make for a perfect romantic setting.


Mykonos is located in the Aegean Sea and can be called a party island. Mykonos has its share of pristine beaches but most importantly it has an adrenaline pumping nightlife, a cosmopolitan vibe and a thriving gay community. Given the vibrancy of this island, it tends to get very crowded. So if you want some me-time or want to be left alone with your partner then this isn’t the place for you.


Crete attracts its fair share of tourists but it isn’t very touristy. This island offers picturesque resorts, deserted beaches, and tiny cafes serving sumptuous food as well as challenging trekking paths.  If you want a fun yet relaxedGreece holidays then Crete is where you must head.


If you wish to mix culture and history with beaches and long party nights, then Rhodes is the island for you. Home to the ‘Colossus’, one of the previous Seven Wonders of the World, you can take a ferry from the Piraeus island to get to Rhodes. Alternatively, you can charter a flight. The island has a number of museums that you can visit and offers multiple and equally good resort and five star accommodation options.

Greece tours almost always include a visit to all or at least one of these islands. In case you decide to customise your travel then make it a point to include a visit to these islands if none other.


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