Top 5 Things to Do In Switzerland

Think Switzerland, think Yash Chopra. Switzerland wasn’t just a ‘place’ in Mr. Director’s movies; she was an impeccable beauty who enchanted the viewer. While our steeped-in-Bollywood Indian sensibilities beg of us to dance in the lush Swiss fields and address every woman as ‘Senorita’, there are things apart from these to do in Switzerland; activities and experiences that must be done and lived, at least once in your lifetime.

1.       Meet SRK & Kajol at Jungfraujoch

No, I am not kidding. It is SRK and Kajol (their cardboard cut-outs dressed in DDLJ costumes) who will welcome you in Jungfraujoch, the highest point in Europe. Once in Jungfraujoch, visit the Ice Palace and Sphinx Observation Terrace and get your family photograph clicked, dressed in local attire. It is a given that you will play in the snow and when the cold gets too much, sip on the sumptuous hot chocolate served in the local canteen. Divine!

 2.       Cheese and Chocolate

No trip to Switzerland is complete till you gorge on delectable chocolates and down mouthfuls of cheese. Visit local eateries and treat yourself to the world’s best cheese fondue; visit chocolate factories/stores (Lindt, Nestle, Sprungli) and allow sinful chocolate to purge your soul.

 3.       Train-ride

One of the best ways to take in Switzerland’s beauty is to embark on a train-ride. There are many train services to choose from but one that is chosen most often in various Switzerland tour packages is The Glacial Express. This train travels between St. Moritz and Zermatt and makes for a gorgeous journey as it crosses 291 bridges and passes Rhaetian Railway, a World Heritage Site.

4.       Go hiking

Switzerland has thousands of well-marked trails, so it only makes sense to go hiking to experience the natural beauty this destination has to offer. Some Switzerland packages include hikes along the Zermatt Lake Trail whereas others allow you take in the country’s history on the Swiss Path along Lake Lucerne.  No matter the trail you choose, be sure to wear comfortable clothes and boots.

5.       Explore Lucerne

Lucerne has many sites to see and activities to offer. In the morning pay a visit to the Lucerne Lion Monument and get move by its simplicity and splendour. Then walk through the Chapel Bridge that was built in the 14th century and reach the main shopping district from where you absolutely must buy watches. Once the walking and shopping tires you, take a serene boat ride on Lake Lucerne and wear your tiredness off as you witness a magnificent sunset.

Allow Switzerland’s beauty to enliven you and you will come home rejuvenated and recharged.

Author Bio:

“Hilonee Furia”

Sometimes I wish I was Shandler – quirky like Sheldon and sarcastic + funny like Chandler. But then, I am me. The girl who needs her life to be a collage of small joys, brain-tickling conversations and as impulsive as it is cautious.


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