What Makes Bali A Great Honeymoon Destination?

While all holidays are special, there is something distinctively exciting and unique about a honeymoon holiday. The concept of going for a honeymoon started in the 1800s in India wherein the newly married couple, along with friends and family embarked on a ‘bridal tour’ to visit friends and relatives who were unable to attend the wedding. Over the years, the concept underwent a change and it was around the early 1900s that only the couple went for a romantic holiday – honeymoon as we know it – post their wedding.

While little is known about popular honeymoon destinations of the early 1900s, Bali is definitely one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of today. So what is it that makes this tiny Indonesian island a must-visit honeymoon destination? Let’s find out.


The Beauty of Bali

Bali is blessed with abundant natural beauty and a near perfect climate. The average temperature during summer is a pleasant 30degrees in the day and 24degrees in the night. Add to this, clear beaches, greenery everywhere, the coral reefs that surround the island and you have a dream destination. All in all, if you are looking to get away from everyone and be only with each other, then Bali is just the place for you.


Though the island is tiny, there is little chance that you will run out of things to do or see. You can choose to be one with nature and spend your time cocooned in a picturesque resort or spend your days sunbathing on the sands of pristine beaches. Alternatively, you can include activities like snorkelling, sky-diving, hiking, biking, etcetera in your Bali tour package and explore the offerings of this island. Post evening, you can let your guard down and revel in the vibrant and worldly renowned nightlife. What more could you ask for on a honeymoon?


While a couple of decades ago the economy of Bali was primarily agrarian, it is now predominantly backed by the tourist industry. Given the influx of tourists (and honeymooners in particular), there are multiple accommodation options across budgets. You can roll in the lap of luxury at The Samaya (Seminyak Beach), The Four Seasons (Ubud) or go for more modest options or then again go the extra mile and rent your own private villa! No matter where you stay, you will be enchanted by the omnipresent natural grace and charm of the island.

It is the God given beauty and complementary well-structured and maintained infrastructure that makes Bali a great honeymoon destination. There is then, no reason for you to not sign up for a Bali packages right away!

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