Top 5 Places to Shop in Bangkok

If you’re the one who cherishes the excitement of shopping, then, Bangkok is just the place for you. Shopping is never boring for some of us, whether it’s morning, noon, evening or night! Here’s a look at the top five places for shopping when you’re at Bangkok.

bangkok shopping

bangkok shopping

MBK – MBK is an iconic mall for shopping and it is one of the oldest malls of Thailand. This is a building of eight floors providing an array of clothing, bags, shoes, phones, photo accessories and equipments and even kitchenware.  Added to this, is a whole lot of other stuff for your shopping bag. Shopping at this mall saves up some bucks. You can also relax watching a movie or munch some unique eateries at the mall.

CHATUCHAK – Shopaholics, quench your thirst at the weekend market! It’s recommended to go early to this weekend market. As the hour goes by, the rush gradually increases. You can find innumerable stuffs here. Don’t miss out on tasting some quick bites at the street vendors. The Chatuchak – weekend market should be a compulsory itinerary in your tour. Keep a check on your wallets because some petty thieves may be eyeing yours!

SIAM – Commonly known as the ‘Siam Paragon’, is the second largest mall of South-East Asia. Shopping experience is one of a kind here. Kinokuniya is destination for voracious readers. There is a theatre and an endless store of retailers. Siam Aquarium or Siam Ocean World is absolutely stunning.

ASIATIQUE – Visiting the Asiatique is a good choice. Spend an evening here and experience the exquisite dining at the Waterfront.  

NIGHT MARKET – After covering the various venues during the day, you can still go shopping! Night shopping is one of a kind at the Patpong market or the Sukhumvit night market.


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