Australia’s Best Party Places

It seems India has finally woken up to Australia! In a couple of years the continent nation has become a must-visit destination with numerous Australia tour packages being offered, all of  which promise you the best experience of the outback as well as the ‘mod Oz’ (modern Australia).

While the traditional sight-seeing and new-age gastronomy (fuelled by our collective obsession with Masterchef Australia) options are many, a closer look reveals that Australia is quite the crazy party destination. Both the east and west coast are dotted with merrymaking zones, a few of which are listed below.


1.       Sydney

It is only fair that a world-class city has world-class party options. Sydney is where all-things-bling meets all-gone-crazy! On any given day of the week (and weekend), throngs of people flock to Kings Cross which is Sydney’s late-night club street. For a sea-view lover, the many bars and pubs of Darling Harbour make for a better choice. The bottom line is, no matter what club or areas you visit, the Sydney vibe is sure to get you going.

 2.       Darwin

If you are a hardcore beer drinker and a passionate beer lover, then Darwin is where you must head. Mitchell Street is home to the maximum number of pubs and clubs all of which offer good music (live DJs even), great company and of course tons of beer! Darwinians blame the hot weather for their massive beer consumption patterns – 230litres/person/year. So now you have an excuse to breathe beer when in Darwin. Not that you needed any!

3.       Brisbane

Brisbane is the party destination of the posh and the stylish. If you like to party in-vogue and socialise with the sun-kissed set then make a dash for the pubs and chilled wine bars of the city. The West End and The Valley areas are you best party bet when in Brisbane.

 4.       Melbourne

For a more chilled-out party vibe head to Melbourne. This is the city where the cool kids with the cool drinks hang out. The shindig here isn’t as glitzy as Sydney but that in no way means the city is boring or drab. St. Kilda and Fitzroy are the Australian places to eat & head to chill, socialise and drink till your head spins with all that revelry.

It is important that your Australia holiday package does not only include a visit to any or all of the above mentioned cities, but that it in fact accommodates you in these cities for at least 4D/3N. If the nights are any fewer, how will you fully live the Australian party experience!?


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