Goa Carnival

The streets of Goa become vibrant and colorful as the state awakes to a week long festivity season filled with fun and frolic in February. Introduced by the Portuguese rulers, the Goa Carnival has manifested itself into a true Indian festival with local culture being at display during the festivity period.

Goa holiday packages during February ensure special coverage of the carnival and tourists can expect to be a part of the parades that showcases local dances and promotes local singers, giving them an opportunity to show their talent to the visitors.

Indian ethos are amply at display at the Goa Carnival and Goa tourism creatively showcases the Goan culture by promoting the regional diversity through various events.

Goa Carnival is an opportunity for an avid traveller and a die-hard foodie to explore the unknown vistas of the region. One can expect to feast on traditional Goan cuisine and Goa packages take special care to include a traditional feast in the package during the Goa Carnival season.

The weeklong festivity carnival has been held since early 18th century and gives one an opportunity to explore the Goan culture from close quarters.

The famed Red and Black dance held on the last day of the carnival marks the closure of the weeklong festivity season.


Top 5 Hotels in Lucerne

Lucerne is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Visitors flock to the region to experience the beauty and tranquility of nature. The mouth-watering cuisine and adventure opportunities serve as major draws of Lucerne. Most of the packages offered by the Geneva tourism department include Lucerne. The top hotels included in Lucerne tourism packages are mostly 5 star hotels with grand interiors and exotic locales to woo prospective tourists. The majority of hotels offer a sweeping view of the environment and boast of attractive amenities.

The Power Couple

The Lucerne tourism department denotes the Radisson Blu Hotel and the Palace Luzern to occupy the top two positions in the list of best hotels in the region.

The Radisson Blu Hotel is a 5 star hotel situated on the banks of Lake Lucerne. The rooms provide breathtaking views of the lake and restaurants offer world-class dining and personalized services. All of the 165 suites and rooms have been decorated keeping in mind contemporary design aesthetics. You can avail free broadband connection along with wireless Internet facilities within the hotel. The top floor of this hotel houses a modern and fully equipped health club.

On the other hand, the Palace Luzern bags the second spot according to the Geneva tourism sector. The luxurious surroundings are complemented with a century of hotel traditions. Erected in the year 1906, the Palace Luzern has garnered the title of the leading luxury hotel in the central part of Switzerland.

The Final Three

The Park Hotel Reggis boasts of more than 53 exclusive rooms along with three restaurants. The hotel draws on the benefits of silence and solitude. The hotel features a world-class spa, a Japanese garden and six exotic cottages made of natural stone and wood.

The Park Hotel Vitznau on the shores of Lake Lucerne is a unique combination of residence, medical centre, and suite hotel and research facility.

Rounding up the top five hotels in Lucerne is the Art Deco Hotel Montana which draws upon experience garnered from the unrivalled hospitality tradition spanning over 100 years. Due to its slightly elevated location, this hotel is capable of providing you with magnificent panoramic view of the lake and the city.

5 Top Ayurvedic Centers in Kerala

There are several excellent Ayurvedic wellness spots in various Indian states but the best ones are located in the state of Kerala as a part of Kerala packages, owing to the moist humid weather and sufficient supply of medicinal herbs and plants. Kerala tourism not only gives you the opportunity to relax and replenish your worn-out your body but you can also experience one of your most comfortable vacations.

The Top 3 Kerala Ayurvedic Resorts

Leading the pack is the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, set amidst 50 acres of lush green land in the Pakkad district. A beautiful stream runs past every cottage of the resort. The Kairali Resort provides you with the best kind of Ayurvedic treatment and helps you get in touch with your natural roots. There is a strict no-alcohol and vegetarian policy in place. Guests should take part in early morning yoga and meditation sessions. Next on the list is Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort which has the honour of being the first Ayurvedic resort in the world. It is also one of the best hotels in the Kovalam district. The resort focuses mainly on body and mind restoration. Cultural performances in the evening add to the appeal of this resort. The Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort, near the Karamana River, nab the third spot on the list. The rooms of the resort offer breathtaking views of the beach and the backwaters.

Completing the Top 5 List

Kalari Kovilakom may be one of the most expensive Ayurveda resorts in the state of Kerala but the services offered by the establishment make it well worth your money. No alcohol, meat or leather footwear is permitted inside the premises. There is no availability of any entertainment facilities. Each therapy package is customized, focusing on deep healing, and caters to the personal needs of an individual. Budget tourists can try the Sarovaram Ayurvedic Resort which is run by three generations of Ayurvedic doctors. Expect to enjoy houseboat rides, evening dance performances and guided tours to the adjacent villages.

Best International Places to go in March

Maaliskuu (as March is known in Finland) is considered to be the season when snow melts and a bright sun shows up. The time is cheerful and almost every place around the globe is welcoming. That’s reason enough for avid travelers to pack their bags in March and pick up tour packages to destinations across the world.

Southern Europe

A range of cheap international tour packages are available in March and one can head to some exotic locations across the world. For those planning a visit to Europe, March is the perfect season to visit Southern Europe. You can plan a stay at Barcelona in Spain because the annual Barcelona Beer festival is held during the month of March. Not only does one get to taste the choicest beer but it’s also a chance to explore distinct cultures.


If wanting to explore Asia, Nepal can be an exciting pick as international tour packages from India are available at discounted prices. March is the perfect season for planning a trek while in Nepal as you explore some of the highest peaks across the globe. Alternatively, you can also head to Sri Lanka and explore the cultural diversity of this island nation. Check out international tour packages and head out to any chosen location.


Maldives is another great place to be in during summers as the temperatures are between 25-30 degree and one can explore the various white sand beaches. Those with an adventure streak can go diving to locations across South and North Male.

Nightlife in Bangkok

With 12.2 million visitors making it a point to visit Bangkok in 2012, the capital city of Thailand has managed to remain in the limelight. A perfect reason enough for existence of vibrant nightlife, Bangkok is the on priority list of those seeking fun-filled atmosphere.

Bangkok holiday packages pay special attention to this component, as the city is abuzz with music shows in jazz clubs to steamy local cuisine awaiting those who wish to explore the same. For Jazz lovers, a visit to Head to Check Inn 99 is highly recommended. Jazz sessions are underway on Sunday evenings and you can relish the choicest Thai menu even as the soothing music makes the evening lively.

A range of Bangkok packages from Delhi are also available and you can customize the same by giving your preferences on the nightlife destinations you wish to explore in Bangkok. You can also check out Levels Club, DJ Station, and The Bamboo Bar amongst others to have a feel of the nightlife of Bangkok.

Bangkok packages also include a trip of the various Ladyboy shows through which performers showcase their talent amongst the audience. The specialty of these shows is that transgendered people perform at these shows. Si-Lom sub district caters to international tourists and has a range of nightclubs. In case you wish to mingle with the local crowd, try heading towards Lamsalee sub district that has number of nightclubs offering a feel of local culture and some authentic Thai cuisine too.

Top 5 Hotels to Stay in Mauritius

Mauritius is a blue-green island replete with exotic natural beauty and larger-than-life locales. It is one of the hottest honeymoon destinations in the world and involves top-notch sightseeing, amazing food and stay in some grandiose resorts. Under Mauritius packages, you can easily book a hotel of your choice and budget.


Nevertheless, here is a list of the top 5 hotels of Mauritius:

  1. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa: Okay, so this one is for those who wish to experience the extreme delights of luxury! Right from the pampering hospitality to immaculately designed baths to unbelievably good pools to awe-evoking villas, this resort can make you a spoilt child! It will be a tad expensive but you can always avail discounts via cheap Mauritius tour packages.
  2. One&Only Le Saint Geran: Another pricey hotel which lures the elite class in huge numbers, this hotel is a paradise for newly wedded couples. Its ambience decked with plush décor and glorious strolling pathways effortlessly conjures up that romantic feel. The food is an icing on the cake! And you may bump onto a movie star quite easily!
  3. Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa: This is another great place to check into! Its USP lies in the fact that it lets you unwind with lots of outdoor activities like fishing, cycling and horse riding. It is panoramically located beside the beaches and gives honeymooners plenty of private corners.
  4. Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa: As the name suggests, this place is your perfect getaway to not just comfy bedrooms but also for a game of golf or a relaxation in spa. This hotel finds mention in some of the best Mauritius tour packages.
  5. Oberoi Mauritius: This is a landscaped hotel designed to woo its visitors. The pool, spa and lounge never fail to hypnotize. And if food is your weakness, then you will always find this corner a yummy place to be in! Most Mauritius tour packages from India offer exciting deals & discounts for a stay at this venue.

A Complete Travel Guide to Sukhothai and its Attractions

Sukhothai is an important ingredient of the wondrous country called Thailand. It is not as vibrant as Pattaya or as daring as Bangkok, but is a shy, indolent and historic little town where life moves at its own leisurely place. Thailand tour packages usually keep 1 day for a Sukhothai trip so that tourists can soak in the historical beauty of this ethereal town.

How to reach Sukhothai: It is best to travel to Sukhothai from the capital city of Bangkok. You can travel by plane, by train and even by buses which are operated by Thailand tourism department.

Where to stay: There are all kinds of hotels available in this town which is a popular tourist site. Most of them are of midrange budget and quite affordable. In case, you are itching for luxurious resorts, then you would find them towards the outskirts of the town. Alternatively, you can also buy the best Thailand tour packages which will include a stay in one of the better hotels of the city.

What to see in Sukhothai: Sukhothai is the home of many ancient and medieval-age temples and historical sites. Some popular attractions are Wat Sra Sri, Wat Sra Sawai and Wat Mahathat. These temples just take the icing when it comes to historical richness and architectural splendor. Wat Sri Chum is another must-visit site noted for its Giant Buddha statue. The biggest attraction is the Sukhothai Historical Park which has been christened with the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Overall, the town is a treasure trove of ruins, temples and historical sites. However, there is little else other than these.

Thailand tour packages from India, including Delhi and Mumbai, are now available easily on internet. It is recommended that you do couple your Bangkok or Pattaya trip with a Sukhothai tour!

Set up a Date With Indian Ocean on a Dhoni Cruise

Maldives is a spellbinding holiday destination offering plenty of attractions on your platter. One of its biggest charms lie in its exotic turquoise-emerald waters which are best explored through a dhoni. A dhoni is a small vessel which is larger than a boat but smaller than a ship! Maldives packages offer all the tourists a phantasmagoric cruise ride on these vessels to give them a better idea of the natural wonders of the island. If you wish to soak in the most pristine locales and the delights of the sea & the sky, then this is the idyllic way to do it.

Since the island is dotted by lagoons and punctuated beautifully by corals, a dhoni cruise gives sightseers the ideal opportunity to savor every moment of their trip. Most Maldives holiday packages give you plenty of options in terms of the duration of the journey and the budget. It is a traditional boat which has been used for centuries by local fishermen. Thus, there is a lot of romanticism imbuing out of this vessel. Though, a week-long cruise is preferable for a comprehensive sightseeing, travelers can also avail the cheap Maldives packages for a shorter stay!

A dhoni cruise sets up your rendezvous with the flirting sea waves and the titillating corals, it lets you gorge on the panorama of the skyline and it makes you get forlorn in your own overindulgence! Your vessel will be manned by able crew members with 100% safety measures!

A dhoni has an old-world ambience inside and a poetic view of the sea on the deck! Maldives tour packages also ensure that you are taken care of well, with great food and satisfying services!

Most travel agents offer low-cost Maldives packages from India including cheap Maldives packages from Mumbai and Delhi! So, what are you waiting for? Go, pack your rucksack to descend on this enthralling island of peerless beauty!


Driving down the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Australia is a dazzling island-country-cum-continent nestled in the eastern corner of the globe. While it has myriad attractions to mesmerize its visitors, the tantalizingly beautiful Great Ocean Road stands out from the crowd owing to its unique charm and peerless ambience. Australia tour packages give all tourists a chance to drive along this road and experience all sorts of emotions ranging from thrill to anticipation to eternal ecstasy.

Counted amongst the ‘best places in the world to drive’, the Great Ocean Road is stretched for around 243 km starting from Torquay and concluding at Warrnambool. In between, it covers a number of towns and meanders its way through some stupendous natural parks, exotic sun-kissed beaches and beguiling scenic viewpoints. If you are passionate about driving, then better not miss out this chance offered by most Australia packages! And if you aren’t too enthusiastic about driving, then this ride may just change your perception completely.

It is not just the butter-smooth road and the breezy atmosphere that enthralls the drivers. The serpentine road is strewn with wildlife, trees and plenty of natural as well as artificial delights. The Apollo Bay gives you a pleasant surfing experience, if you care to get down. And there is the beautiful Otway Range which is another pleasant stopover. In case, you love creepy shipwrecks and horror tales of macabre, then the Shipwreck Coast (between Princetown and Port Fairy) warrants an exploration.

Australia tourism packages also provide the campers & hitchhikers with alluring panoramic getaways at the Otway Range (from Aireys Inlet to Cape Otway). The heart-rending landscapes are effortlessly juxtaposed with the Great Otway National Park. Then there is the Port Campbell Nation Park whose USP lies in its limestone rocks.

During the long but satisfying journey, your Australia packages shall pamper you with the delights of spa, cuisines, wine, wildlife, art, culture, shopping, history and other revelries. Missing out on the Great Ocean Road experience will be a regret of a lifetime!

Best Snorkelling Sites in Maldives

Maldives is undoubtedly filled with exciting sightseeing attractions which can make any tourist go weak on his knees. But you haven’t seen Maldives if you haven’t been under its belly! Under the glamorous manmade world of glitz and attractions lies a supremely gifted nature-crested planet which is replete with fishes & shrimps, snails & eels, and sharks & corals! Maldives tourism owes a huge amount of its popularity to its underwater world! Snorkelling is one of the most popular sporting activities enjoyed in this corner under the Maldives packages.

Though, there are a number of great sites where you can snorkel, here are some of the most recommended ones:

  1. Lion’s Head: Located towards the southern corner of North Male Atoll, ‘Lion’s Head’ is a scintillating snorkelling site which gives you a fish-eye view of the treasures of Indian Ocean. The coral is very profound and rich here and one can easily sight sharks, fishes and turtles of various kinds.
  2. Kuda Haa: It is another exciting place where some rare species of underwater organisms can be found. From some special breeds of scorpions to leaf fish to the dreaded sharks, you can spot anything! Quite a few Maldives holiday packages include this site for snorkelling!
  3. Girifushi Thila: The current is pretty powerful at this place. So, you must be an experienced campaigner to take a dive at the Giifushi Thila. But once you manage it, you will be greeted with not just organisms and corals but also with underwater caves.
  4. Middle Point: Middle Point is another beautiful blue place where beauty takes on a new definition. Under Maldives tour packages, you can arrange for a snorkelling session in this corner. Visibility is quite good here and the water is very blue & pellucid.

Snorkelling deals are offered by most Maldives packages from India, including Maldives packages from Mumbai and Maldives packages from Delhi. You just need to close your eyes, dive inside and open the eyes again to witness an unseen, unheard, and unforeseeable.