Top 5 things to do in Maldives

One of the budding tourist spots that are yet to be explored in all aspects is steadily making its mark in the Global Tourism Sphere. If you are up for some new and fresh adventure the strips of land in the midst of the ocean, Maldives is the place to be.

The Plethora of Ecstasy

The idyllic landscape, azure oceanic panorama and the pristine coral reefs are the major draws in Maldives packages. You can spend your day enjoying adventure sports or strolling down the picture perfect beaches for a tranquil evening. No matter where you travel in Maldives, the reviving spirit of the place is sure to engage your soul. A good Maldives package will ensure that you get the most for every penny you spend.

Where to travel?
Refresh your senses and enthrall your being with a rejuvenating Maldives package. A trip to the islands is incomplete without experiencing the following eye-catching and thrilling destinations:

Banana Reef-  If adventure sports are your thing diving or snorkeling in the Banana   Reef is a major high on the island.

Maldives Victory Wrecked Ship- If something more adventurous is your lookout, go on an expedition to the sunken ship amidst the atolls.

Old Friday Mosque- Also known as Hukuru Miskiiy, it is one of the oldest architectures of the place with splendid wood carvings and radiant lacquer engravings. 

Fish Head- This has to be one of the favorite sites for divers with a wide array of marine life to behold.

National Museum- The torn down palace of the last reigning Sultan was renovated to be the National Museum. Soaking up to the history of the state can be a part of your laid back day in Maldives.

Maldives can be an ideal trip for honeymooners or family, you can’t get disappointed with the variety that the Maldives Tourism packages have to offer. The abundance of memories of Maldives is sure to linger along for the longest time.


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