Top 5 Adventure Sports to Try in New Zealand

New Zealand, apart from being a panoramic country, is also a place which is considered the ultimate destination for an adventure sports lover! New Zealand tour packages comprise of every kind of thrill right from snorkeling to skiing to bungee jumping! You can experience the flow of adrenaline up in the sky or deep under the sea- the choice is yours!

Here are the top 5 adventure sports you must try during your New Zealand tour:

Zorbing: Zorbing is a sport which is still at a nappy stage, because of its recent origin. But it is climbing the popularity chart fairly fast and makes for an exciting adventure! The person is placed inside a big plastic hollow, transparent ball which is then rolled off a hilly slope. The few seconds of undulating ride can be an unforgettable delight!

Glacier Walking: There are not many countries in the world which can boast of such a huge wealth of glacier. ‘Glacier Walking’ has therefore become one of the biggest New Zealand attractions amongst adventure junkies. As you walk over the huge acres of icy land (under the eye of trained professionals), you will feel like walking onto the bygone ‘Ice Age’. The frigid temperature and the blue-white milieu will send shivers down your body, both literally and figuratively.

Black Water Rafting: When you have to traverse the darkened corners of a cave over a tube-like raft, you experience an unmatched amount of thrill & spook. Certainly, not for the weak-hearted ones, ‘black river rafting’ is another must-do thing under your New Zealand tour packages.

Skydiving: Forget about your vertigo problem, ‘skydiving’ is the ultimate fear factor test for any tourist! Diving out from thousands of feet above the Earth and getting sucked by gravity at heart-hammering velocity, the experience will be sinfully thrilling!

Bungee jumping: Skydiving’s cousin sport ‘bungee jumping’ is another of the biggest New Zealand tourism attractions. You cannot miss out on this sport if you claim yourself to be an adventurer!


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