Best Snorkelling Sites in Maldives

Maldives is undoubtedly filled with exciting sightseeing attractions which can make any tourist go weak on his knees. But you haven’t seen Maldives if you haven’t been under its belly! Under the glamorous manmade world of glitz and attractions lies a supremely gifted nature-crested planet which is replete with fishes & shrimps, snails & eels, and sharks & corals! Maldives tourism owes a huge amount of its popularity to its underwater world! Snorkelling is one of the most popular sporting activities enjoyed in this corner under the Maldives packages.

Though, there are a number of great sites where you can snorkel, here are some of the most recommended ones:

  1. Lion’s Head: Located towards the southern corner of North Male Atoll, ‘Lion’s Head’ is a scintillating snorkelling site which gives you a fish-eye view of the treasures of Indian Ocean. The coral is very profound and rich here and one can easily sight sharks, fishes and turtles of various kinds.
  2. Kuda Haa: It is another exciting place where some rare species of underwater organisms can be found. From some special breeds of scorpions to leaf fish to the dreaded sharks, you can spot anything! Quite a few Maldives holiday packages include this site for snorkelling!
  3. Girifushi Thila: The current is pretty powerful at this place. So, you must be an experienced campaigner to take a dive at the Giifushi Thila. But once you manage it, you will be greeted with not just organisms and corals but also with underwater caves.
  4. Middle Point: Middle Point is another beautiful blue place where beauty takes on a new definition. Under Maldives tour packages, you can arrange for a snorkelling session in this corner. Visibility is quite good here and the water is very blue & pellucid.

Snorkelling deals are offered by most Maldives packages from India, including Maldives packages from Mumbai and Maldives packages from Delhi. You just need to close your eyes, dive inside and open the eyes again to witness an unseen, unheard, and unforeseeable.


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