Driving down the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Australia is a dazzling island-country-cum-continent nestled in the eastern corner of the globe. While it has myriad attractions to mesmerize its visitors, the tantalizingly beautiful Great Ocean Road stands out from the crowd owing to its unique charm and peerless ambience. Australia tour packages give all tourists a chance to drive along this road and experience all sorts of emotions ranging from thrill to anticipation to eternal ecstasy.

Counted amongst the ‘best places in the world to drive’, the Great Ocean Road is stretched for around 243 km starting from Torquay and concluding at Warrnambool. In between, it covers a number of towns and meanders its way through some stupendous natural parks, exotic sun-kissed beaches and beguiling scenic viewpoints. If you are passionate about driving, then better not miss out this chance offered by most Australia packages! And if you aren’t too enthusiastic about driving, then this ride may just change your perception completely.

It is not just the butter-smooth road and the breezy atmosphere that enthralls the drivers. The serpentine road is strewn with wildlife, trees and plenty of natural as well as artificial delights. The Apollo Bay gives you a pleasant surfing experience, if you care to get down. And there is the beautiful Otway Range which is another pleasant stopover. In case, you love creepy shipwrecks and horror tales of macabre, then the Shipwreck Coast (between Princetown and Port Fairy) warrants an exploration.

Australia tourism packages also provide the campers & hitchhikers with alluring panoramic getaways at the Otway Range (from Aireys Inlet to Cape Otway). The heart-rending landscapes are effortlessly juxtaposed with the Great Otway National Park. Then there is the Port Campbell Nation Park whose USP lies in its limestone rocks.

During the long but satisfying journey, your Australia packages shall pamper you with the delights of spa, cuisines, wine, wildlife, art, culture, shopping, history and other revelries. Missing out on the Great Ocean Road experience will be a regret of a lifetime!


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