A Complete Travel Guide to Sukhothai and its Attractions

Sukhothai is an important ingredient of the wondrous country called Thailand. It is not as vibrant as Pattaya or as daring as Bangkok, but is a shy, indolent and historic little town where life moves at its own leisurely place. Thailand tour packages usually keep 1 day for a Sukhothai trip so that tourists can soak in the historical beauty of this ethereal town.

How to reach Sukhothai: It is best to travel to Sukhothai from the capital city of Bangkok. You can travel by plane, by train and even by buses which are operated by Thailand tourism department.

Where to stay: There are all kinds of hotels available in this town which is a popular tourist site. Most of them are of midrange budget and quite affordable. In case, you are itching for luxurious resorts, then you would find them towards the outskirts of the town. Alternatively, you can also buy the best Thailand tour packages which will include a stay in one of the better hotels of the city.

What to see in Sukhothai: Sukhothai is the home of many ancient and medieval-age temples and historical sites. Some popular attractions are Wat Sra Sri, Wat Sra Sawai and Wat Mahathat. These temples just take the icing when it comes to historical richness and architectural splendor. Wat Sri Chum is another must-visit site noted for its Giant Buddha statue. The biggest attraction is the Sukhothai Historical Park which has been christened with the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Overall, the town is a treasure trove of ruins, temples and historical sites. However, there is little else other than these.

Thailand tour packages from India, including Delhi and Mumbai, are now available easily on internet. It is recommended that you do couple your Bangkok or Pattaya trip with a Sukhothai tour!


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