Set up a Date With Indian Ocean on a Dhoni Cruise

Maldives is a spellbinding holiday destination offering plenty of attractions on your platter. One of its biggest charms lie in its exotic turquoise-emerald waters which are best explored through a dhoni. A dhoni is a small vessel which is larger than a boat but smaller than a ship! Maldives packages offer all the tourists a phantasmagoric cruise ride on these vessels to give them a better idea of the natural wonders of the island. If you wish to soak in the most pristine locales and the delights of the sea & the sky, then this is the idyllic way to do it.

Since the island is dotted by lagoons and punctuated beautifully by corals, a dhoni cruise gives sightseers the ideal opportunity to savor every moment of their trip. Most Maldives holiday packages give you plenty of options in terms of the duration of the journey and the budget. It is a traditional boat which has been used for centuries by local fishermen. Thus, there is a lot of romanticism imbuing out of this vessel. Though, a week-long cruise is preferable for a comprehensive sightseeing, travelers can also avail the cheap Maldives packages for a shorter stay!

A dhoni cruise sets up your rendezvous with the flirting sea waves and the titillating corals, it lets you gorge on the panorama of the skyline and it makes you get forlorn in your own overindulgence! Your vessel will be manned by able crew members with 100% safety measures!

A dhoni has an old-world ambience inside and a poetic view of the sea on the deck! Maldives tour packages also ensure that you are taken care of well, with great food and satisfying services!

Most travel agents offer low-cost Maldives packages from India including cheap Maldives packages from Mumbai and Delhi! So, what are you waiting for? Go, pack your rucksack to descend on this enthralling island of peerless beauty!



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