Nightlife in Bangkok

With 12.2 million visitors making it a point to visit Bangkok in 2012, the capital city of Thailand has managed to remain in the limelight. A perfect reason enough for existence of vibrant nightlife, Bangkok is the on priority list of those seeking fun-filled atmosphere.

Bangkok holiday packages pay special attention to this component, as the city is abuzz with music shows in jazz clubs to steamy local cuisine awaiting those who wish to explore the same. For Jazz lovers, a visit to Head to Check Inn 99 is highly recommended. Jazz sessions are underway on Sunday evenings and you can relish the choicest Thai menu even as the soothing music makes the evening lively.

A range of Bangkok packages from Delhi are also available and you can customize the same by giving your preferences on the nightlife destinations you wish to explore in Bangkok. You can also check out Levels Club, DJ Station, and The Bamboo Bar amongst others to have a feel of the nightlife of Bangkok.

Bangkok packages also include a trip of the various Ladyboy shows through which performers showcase their talent amongst the audience. The specialty of these shows is that transgendered people perform at these shows. Si-Lom sub district caters to international tourists and has a range of nightclubs. In case you wish to mingle with the local crowd, try heading towards Lamsalee sub district that has number of nightclubs offering a feel of local culture and some authentic Thai cuisine too.


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