Best International Places to go in March

Maaliskuu (as March is known in Finland) is considered to be the season when snow melts and a bright sun shows up. The time is cheerful and almost every place around the globe is welcoming. That’s reason enough for avid travelers to pack their bags in March and pick up tour packages to destinations across the world.

Southern Europe

A range of cheap international tour packages are available in March and one can head to some exotic locations across the world. For those planning a visit to Europe, March is the perfect season to visit Southern Europe. You can plan a stay at Barcelona in Spain because the annual Barcelona Beer festival is held during the month of March. Not only does one get to taste the choicest beer but it’s also a chance to explore distinct cultures.


If wanting to explore Asia, Nepal can be an exciting pick as international tour packages from India are available at discounted prices. March is the perfect season for planning a trek while in Nepal as you explore some of the highest peaks across the globe. Alternatively, you can also head to Sri Lanka and explore the cultural diversity of this island nation. Check out international tour packages and head out to any chosen location.


Maldives is another great place to be in during summers as the temperatures are between 25-30 degree and one can explore the various white sand beaches. Those with an adventure streak can go diving to locations across South and North Male.


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