5 Top Ayurvedic Centers in Kerala

There are several excellent Ayurvedic wellness spots in various Indian states but the best ones are located in the state of Kerala as a part of Kerala packages, owing to the moist humid weather and sufficient supply of medicinal herbs and plants. Kerala tourism not only gives you the opportunity to relax and replenish your worn-out your body but you can also experience one of your most comfortable vacations.

The Top 3 Kerala Ayurvedic Resorts

Leading the pack is the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, set amidst 50 acres of lush green land in the Pakkad district. A beautiful stream runs past every cottage of the resort. The Kairali Resort provides you with the best kind of Ayurvedic treatment and helps you get in touch with your natural roots. There is a strict no-alcohol and vegetarian policy in place. Guests should take part in early morning yoga and meditation sessions. Next on the list is Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort which has the honour of being the first Ayurvedic resort in the world. It is also one of the best hotels in the Kovalam district. The resort focuses mainly on body and mind restoration. Cultural performances in the evening add to the appeal of this resort. The Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort, near the Karamana River, nab the third spot on the list. The rooms of the resort offer breathtaking views of the beach and the backwaters.

Completing the Top 5 List

Kalari Kovilakom may be one of the most expensive Ayurveda resorts in the state of Kerala but the services offered by the establishment make it well worth your money. No alcohol, meat or leather footwear is permitted inside the premises. There is no availability of any entertainment facilities. Each therapy package is customized, focusing on deep healing, and caters to the personal needs of an individual. Budget tourists can try the Sarovaram Ayurvedic Resort which is run by three generations of Ayurvedic doctors. Expect to enjoy houseboat rides, evening dance performances and guided tours to the adjacent villages.


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