Goa Carnival

The streets of Goa become vibrant and colorful as the state awakes to a week long festivity season filled with fun and frolic in February. Introduced by the Portuguese rulers, the Goa Carnival has manifested itself into a true Indian festival with local culture being at display during the festivity period.

Goa holiday packages during February ensure special coverage of the carnival and tourists can expect to be a part of the parades that showcases local dances and promotes local singers, giving them an opportunity to show their talent to the visitors.

Indian ethos are amply at display at the Goa Carnival and Goa tourism creatively showcases the Goan culture by promoting the regional diversity through various events.

Goa Carnival is an opportunity for an avid traveller and a die-hard foodie to explore the unknown vistas of the region. One can expect to feast on traditional Goan cuisine and Goa packages take special care to include a traditional feast in the package during the Goa Carnival season.

The weeklong festivity carnival has been held since early 18th century and gives one an opportunity to explore the Goan culture from close quarters.

The famed Red and Black dance held on the last day of the carnival marks the closure of the weeklong festivity season.


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