Popular Treks around Manali

Manali is a much favored destination when it comes to outdoor activities like trekking. The hill station nestled in the lap of the Himalayas is extremely panoramic and certainly is a trekker’s paradise. The treks pose different challenges to people with varying skills. And the fact that the locale has multiple personalities of treks has really bolstered the popularity of Manali tourism.

Here are some recommended and much popular trekking routes which can be opted under Manali packages:

Manali-Sarotu Thach: This trek is situated at an approximate height of 1850 m. The entire stretch of trekking takes about 4-5 hours. So, if you are looking for a very short trekking experience, then this trek will suit you perfectly.

Sarotu Thach-Base camp Pyang Neru: This route will last for around 11 hours. At Raudi Khodi, you can take a breather and dig into some snacks. Some people can even plan a trek only till Raudi Khodi.

Chikka- Balu ka Gera: This route is pretty challenging because of its high altitude. Kullu Manali tourism sees a number of adventure-minded travelers opting for this route to satiate their adrenalines. The trek begins at a lower altitude of 3100 m and finishes off at a height of 3600 m. It takes close to 6 hours for the entire journey.

Alternately, tourists can also head for a week-long trek starting from Manali-Jagatsukh and rounding off at Drive Manali. Kulu Manali tourism officials take complete care of the tourists and ensure that all necessary supplies of medicine & meals are available.


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