Set up a Date With Indian Ocean on a Dhoni Cruise

Maldives is a spellbinding holiday destination offering plenty of attractions on your platter. One of its biggest charms lie in its exotic turquoise-emerald waters which are best explored through a dhoni. A dhoni is a small vessel which is larger than a boat but smaller than a ship! Maldives packages offer all the tourists a phantasmagoric cruise ride on these vessels to give them a better idea of the natural wonders of the island. If you wish to soak in the most pristine locales and the delights of the sea & the sky, then this is the idyllic way to do it.

Since the island is dotted by lagoons and punctuated beautifully by corals, a dhoni cruise gives sightseers the ideal opportunity to savor every moment of their trip. Most Maldives holiday packages give you plenty of options in terms of the duration of the journey and the budget. It is a traditional boat which has been used for centuries by local fishermen. Thus, there is a lot of romanticism imbuing out of this vessel. Though, a week-long cruise is preferable for a comprehensive sightseeing, travelers can also avail the cheap Maldives packages for a shorter stay!

A dhoni cruise sets up your rendezvous with the flirting sea waves and the titillating corals, it lets you gorge on the panorama of the skyline and it makes you get forlorn in your own overindulgence! Your vessel will be manned by able crew members with 100% safety measures!

A dhoni has an old-world ambience inside and a poetic view of the sea on the deck! Maldives tour packages also ensure that you are taken care of well, with great food and satisfying services!

Most travel agents offer low-cost Maldives packages from India including cheap Maldives packages from Mumbai and Delhi! So, what are you waiting for? Go, pack your rucksack to descend on this enthralling island of peerless beauty!



Driving down the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Australia is a dazzling island-country-cum-continent nestled in the eastern corner of the globe. While it has myriad attractions to mesmerize its visitors, the tantalizingly beautiful Great Ocean Road stands out from the crowd owing to its unique charm and peerless ambience. Australia tour packages give all tourists a chance to drive along this road and experience all sorts of emotions ranging from thrill to anticipation to eternal ecstasy.

Counted amongst the ‘best places in the world to drive’, the Great Ocean Road is stretched for around 243 km starting from Torquay and concluding at Warrnambool. In between, it covers a number of towns and meanders its way through some stupendous natural parks, exotic sun-kissed beaches and beguiling scenic viewpoints. If you are passionate about driving, then better not miss out this chance offered by most Australia packages! And if you aren’t too enthusiastic about driving, then this ride may just change your perception completely.

It is not just the butter-smooth road and the breezy atmosphere that enthralls the drivers. The serpentine road is strewn with wildlife, trees and plenty of natural as well as artificial delights. The Apollo Bay gives you a pleasant surfing experience, if you care to get down. And there is the beautiful Otway Range which is another pleasant stopover. In case, you love creepy shipwrecks and horror tales of macabre, then the Shipwreck Coast (between Princetown and Port Fairy) warrants an exploration.

Australia tourism packages also provide the campers & hitchhikers with alluring panoramic getaways at the Otway Range (from Aireys Inlet to Cape Otway). The heart-rending landscapes are effortlessly juxtaposed with the Great Otway National Park. Then there is the Port Campbell Nation Park whose USP lies in its limestone rocks.

During the long but satisfying journey, your Australia packages shall pamper you with the delights of spa, cuisines, wine, wildlife, art, culture, shopping, history and other revelries. Missing out on the Great Ocean Road experience will be a regret of a lifetime!

Best Snorkelling Sites in Maldives

Maldives is undoubtedly filled with exciting sightseeing attractions which can make any tourist go weak on his knees. But you haven’t seen Maldives if you haven’t been under its belly! Under the glamorous manmade world of glitz and attractions lies a supremely gifted nature-crested planet which is replete with fishes & shrimps, snails & eels, and sharks & corals! Maldives tourism owes a huge amount of its popularity to its underwater world! Snorkelling is one of the most popular sporting activities enjoyed in this corner under the Maldives packages.

Though, there are a number of great sites where you can snorkel, here are some of the most recommended ones:

  1. Lion’s Head: Located towards the southern corner of North Male Atoll, ‘Lion’s Head’ is a scintillating snorkelling site which gives you a fish-eye view of the treasures of Indian Ocean. The coral is very profound and rich here and one can easily sight sharks, fishes and turtles of various kinds.
  2. Kuda Haa: It is another exciting place where some rare species of underwater organisms can be found. From some special breeds of scorpions to leaf fish to the dreaded sharks, you can spot anything! Quite a few Maldives holiday packages include this site for snorkelling!
  3. Girifushi Thila: The current is pretty powerful at this place. So, you must be an experienced campaigner to take a dive at the Giifushi Thila. But once you manage it, you will be greeted with not just organisms and corals but also with underwater caves.
  4. Middle Point: Middle Point is another beautiful blue place where beauty takes on a new definition. Under Maldives tour packages, you can arrange for a snorkelling session in this corner. Visibility is quite good here and the water is very blue & pellucid.

Snorkelling deals are offered by most Maldives packages from India, including Maldives packages from Mumbai and Maldives packages from Delhi. You just need to close your eyes, dive inside and open the eyes again to witness an unseen, unheard, and unforeseeable.

Top 5 Adventure Sports to Try in New Zealand

New Zealand, apart from being a panoramic country, is also a place which is considered the ultimate destination for an adventure sports lover! New Zealand tour packages comprise of every kind of thrill right from snorkeling to skiing to bungee jumping! You can experience the flow of adrenaline up in the sky or deep under the sea- the choice is yours!

Here are the top 5 adventure sports you must try during your New Zealand tour:

Zorbing: Zorbing is a sport which is still at a nappy stage, because of its recent origin. But it is climbing the popularity chart fairly fast and makes for an exciting adventure! The person is placed inside a big plastic hollow, transparent ball which is then rolled off a hilly slope. The few seconds of undulating ride can be an unforgettable delight!

Glacier Walking: There are not many countries in the world which can boast of such a huge wealth of glacier. ‘Glacier Walking’ has therefore become one of the biggest New Zealand attractions amongst adventure junkies. As you walk over the huge acres of icy land (under the eye of trained professionals), you will feel like walking onto the bygone ‘Ice Age’. The frigid temperature and the blue-white milieu will send shivers down your body, both literally and figuratively.

Black Water Rafting: When you have to traverse the darkened corners of a cave over a tube-like raft, you experience an unmatched amount of thrill & spook. Certainly, not for the weak-hearted ones, ‘black river rafting’ is another must-do thing under your New Zealand tour packages.

Skydiving: Forget about your vertigo problem, ‘skydiving’ is the ultimate fear factor test for any tourist! Diving out from thousands of feet above the Earth and getting sucked by gravity at heart-hammering velocity, the experience will be sinfully thrilling!

Bungee jumping: Skydiving’s cousin sport ‘bungee jumping’ is another of the biggest New Zealand tourism attractions. You cannot miss out on this sport if you claim yourself to be an adventurer!

Best Nightspots in Sydney

Sydney is colorful, indulgent and vibrant with various moods to its persona. If its natural beauty titillates during the daytime, then its dazzling neon lights come to their domineering fore at night. Sydney tourism guide has climbed the popularity charts fairly fast owing to its steady and satisfying nightlife!

Here are some of the best nightspots of Sydney you must check out :

1. World Bar:  World Bar is one of the more popular corners to spend an enthralling night. Cocktails are dished out in unique styles, the music is always foot-tapping, the crowd comprises of an eclectic mix, and the atmosphere is bound to get your adrenaline flowing! Its interiors are meant to numb your minds and arouse your sixth (and seventh) senses! The only downside is the huge crowd, which means that you need to make pre-plans!

2. Hugos Lounge: Hugos Lounge is one of the biggest Sydney attractions for any nocturnal birdie. It is sophisticated, has a very urbane look and makes for a great place for a friend’s night out! On the downside, this place is pricey and can really pinch your pocket!

3. Basement: Basement is noted for its rocking jazz music and spooky below-the-earth location! It is one of the more popular names on which Sydney tourism banks on! The ambience is very unearthly here and live music is often the chief attraction!

4. Oxford Street: Oxford Street, situated in New South Wales, is a corner in the town where foodies will feel at home after sunset! Eateries, restaurants and café usually stay open till late nights! There are exciting bars as well which can get you in the sinful mood to indulge!

5. Star Sydney Casino: Star Sydney Casino is another of the famous Sydney attractions for the late-night dwellers! Situated across Pyrmont Street, this place offers poker, music, theatrical performances, bar, music, and other diverse forms of luxuries and games.

Top 5 things to do in Maldives

One of the budding tourist spots that are yet to be explored in all aspects is steadily making its mark in the Global Tourism Sphere. If you are up for some new and fresh adventure the strips of land in the midst of the ocean, Maldives is the place to be.

The Plethora of Ecstasy

The idyllic landscape, azure oceanic panorama and the pristine coral reefs are the major draws in Maldives packages. You can spend your day enjoying adventure sports or strolling down the picture perfect beaches for a tranquil evening. No matter where you travel in Maldives, the reviving spirit of the place is sure to engage your soul. A good Maldives package will ensure that you get the most for every penny you spend.

Where to travel?
Refresh your senses and enthrall your being with a rejuvenating Maldives package. A trip to the islands is incomplete without experiencing the following eye-catching and thrilling destinations:

Banana Reef-  If adventure sports are your thing diving or snorkeling in the Banana   Reef is a major high on the island.

Maldives Victory Wrecked Ship- If something more adventurous is your lookout, go on an expedition to the sunken ship amidst the atolls.

Old Friday Mosque- Also known as Hukuru Miskiiy, it is one of the oldest architectures of the place with splendid wood carvings and radiant lacquer engravings. 

Fish Head- This has to be one of the favorite sites for divers with a wide array of marine life to behold.

National Museum- The torn down palace of the last reigning Sultan was renovated to be the National Museum. Soaking up to the history of the state can be a part of your laid back day in Maldives.

Maldives can be an ideal trip for honeymooners or family, you can’t get disappointed with the variety that the Maldives Tourism packages have to offer. The abundance of memories of Maldives is sure to linger along for the longest time.

Things to do in Paris

Hemingway describes Paris as a ‘moveable feast’. This description of Paris couldn’t have been more apt, no other city is so exuberant and vivid and crazily loved as is Paris. Nor does any other provide such a thrilling trip away from mundane reality and sends the visitor on a roller coaster ride through art, literature, history, food and music. From a visit to the opera to a picnic by the Seine, lunch at a chic brasserie to basking in the sun on the Sacre-Couer’s steps, Paris tourist attractions exude pleasure in plenty.

Sight-seeing: A trip to the soaring Eiffel Tower, majestic Arc de Triomphe from where 12 grand avenues radiate to form a star shaped structure and mammoth cathedral of Notre Dame is one of the first things one shoulf do.

Engagement with Art: Even though the whole city brims with art, The Louvre, transformed from a chateau to a museum, overshadows everything else. It plays host to an unrivalled collection of French paintings, sculptures from the Italian Renaissance era, including the most famous Mona Lisa, of course. Other Paris tourist attractions amongst art galleries worth visiting are the Orangerie – displaying Monet’s masterworks and Centre Pompidou, Paris’ cultural hub and a node of the city’s contemporary art collection.

Café Rendezvous: Part of the baggage that comes with being a Parisian is taking out a few moments of your day and sitting down with an espresso in one of the thousands of bustling cafes in the city. Les Deux Magots and Café de Flore played host to a number of Postwar Left Bank intellectuals, most popular amongst them being Sartre and Beauvoir and many visitors indulging in Paris tourism love to engage in heated existentialist debate in these cafes till date.

Walks, Tours and Shopping: These constitute a major portion of Paris tourism, one is to undertake a medieval meandering through the Marais region – which is currently the hub of gay nightlife in Paris but was once the residence of Monks and Knight Templars. This historical area is characterised  by golden and cream colored brick buildings. The Marais also doubles as a major shopping with its boutiques and kitschy shops hoarding Paris’ most beautifully done simple things – dresses, fresh-minted stationery, paper mache products.  Paris’s Montmartre neighborhood with its neon boards, peddlers selling Paris souvenirs and hawkers selling excellent Paris street food also is worth taking a tour.

Bookworming through Left Bank: The relationship between literature and Paris’ Left Bank hasn’t been marred by time. A series of bookshops line this side of the Seine, the most famous being The Shakespeare and Company bookstore, bookstands adorn the front of these bookshops while the backside provides a bargain ground for second hand books and is a popular hotspot amongst tourists.

Cruising along the Seine: A trip to Paris remains incomplete without a river cruise taking us lazily across Seine to offer the most popular Paris tourist attractions on view. Types of boat tours include a descriptive one focusing on sight-seeing and city history or an epicurean one serving you Parisian gourmet delights along the way with entertainment shows.

5 Luxury Hotels in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the favorite haunts of backpackers and honeymooners alike. The country has got a plethora of heady attractions ranging from the natural canopies of rainforests to the sky-high towers & landmarks. The place is also home to some globally renowned hotels and resorts.

Here are the top 5 luxury hotels in Malaysia where you should stay:

  • Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Sabah: If you wish to go on a jungle trail, then this hotel will be your idyllic haven. Nestled amidst the rainforests of the country, this lodge gives you the kaleidoscopic view of the vibrant jungle life and the incessant sounds of the chirping cuckoos and the howling monkeys.
  • Shangri-La, KL: Malaysia tour packages give you an exclusive chance to stay in the topmost hotel of Kuala Lumpur at the famed Shangri-La. It is conveniently situated in the city’s busy area and has tantalizing food & hospitality to keep your taste buds interested.
  • Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa, Kota Kinabalu: This hotel gives you both luxury and isolation. Being situated in a secluded rainforest-crested area, the Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa is your license to unlimited natural thrill. The beaches, hills and the forests are its friendly neighbors, and the serenity radiating from the place has no other match in the country.
  • Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL: Sheraton Imperial Hotel is the ultimate epitome of luxury with its excellent spa, pool and breezy terraces. Its interior furnishing spells of ritzy class and the ambience seems too rich to be true. Most Malaysia packages offer visitors a chance to stay in this imperial paradise.
  • Pangkor Laut Resort, Pangkor: If you happen to visit the gorgeous Pangkor, then make sure to check into the Pangkor Laut Resort. It is styled luxuriously and is noted for its top-class bars and food courts. One special attraction is the private dinner arrangement right on the beach! Can anything be more romantic?

Top Five Egyptian Festivals

Ancient history that is well preserved mingles with the contemporary to make Egypt one of the culturally most vibrant countries in the world. It is, then no surprise that its festivals mirror its glorious past while having modern elements. Here is our pick for the top five festivals in this North African country. If you are looking at Egypt packages, you can choose to visit during one of these.

Sun Festival at Abu Simbel – The temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel draws great crowds on the 22nd of February, and the 22nd of October every year. This is because on these two days, sunlight penetrates around 55 meters into the innermost chamber and illuminating the statues of Ramses, Ra and Amun. The statue of Ptah, the God of darkness, however remains in the shadows. After watching this incredible natural phenomenon, visitors indulge in some merrymaking with music, dance and great food. A lot of Egypt holiday packages have special tours running at these times of the year for the festival.

Wafaa Al-Nil – The Egyptians really do worship the Nile, and it shows. The Wafaa Al-Nil or ‘Fidelity of the Nile’, celebrated every September, reflects the respect and love that ancient Egyptians had for the Nile. Festivities include concerts, poetry readings, and events for children.

Sphinx Festival – This five day cultural extravaganza is held in December every year in the town of El Gouna along the Read Sea Coast. The festival showcases various cultural themes in Egyptian dance, and aims to inspire artists and travelers.

Leylet en Nuktah – The ancient Egyptians sacrificed young women to the River Nile to thank her for the bounties they received from her. Today, the Leylet en Nuktah is still a celebration dedicated to the Nile albeit without all that harshness of sacrifice. Egyptians camp out or picnic along the banks of the Nile with their families, or party on the streets through the night. At sunset, women put out balls of dough representing the members of the family, and in the morning the cracks on the balls are examined to predict the fortune and longevity of the members.

Moulid an-Nabi – One of the most important Islamic festivals, Moulid an-Nabi is a celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohammed. There are parades and processions on any street of any city in Egypt that you may be visiting or places to visit in Egypt. Musicians, dancers, drummers and acrobats fill the streets, and a wide range of culinary treats awaits you. Ensure you try the traditional halawet el-moulid (a sweet treat), candy dolls and hummus.


Australia’s Best Party Places

It seems India has finally woken up to Australia! In a couple of years the continent nation has become a must-visit destination with numerous Australia tour packages being offered, all of  which promise you the best experience of the outback as well as the ‘mod Oz’ (modern Australia).

While the traditional sight-seeing and new-age gastronomy (fuelled by our collective obsession with Masterchef Australia) options are many, a closer look reveals that Australia is quite the crazy party destination. Both the east and west coast are dotted with merrymaking zones, a few of which are listed below.


1.       Sydney

It is only fair that a world-class city has world-class party options. Sydney is where all-things-bling meets all-gone-crazy! On any given day of the week (and weekend), throngs of people flock to Kings Cross which is Sydney’s late-night club street. For a sea-view lover, the many bars and pubs of Darling Harbour make for a better choice. The bottom line is, no matter what club or areas you visit, the Sydney vibe is sure to get you going.

 2.       Darwin

If you are a hardcore beer drinker and a passionate beer lover, then Darwin is where you must head. Mitchell Street is home to the maximum number of pubs and clubs all of which offer good music (live DJs even), great company and of course tons of beer! Darwinians blame the hot weather for their massive beer consumption patterns – 230litres/person/year. So now you have an excuse to breathe beer when in Darwin. Not that you needed any!

3.       Brisbane

Brisbane is the party destination of the posh and the stylish. If you like to party in-vogue and socialise with the sun-kissed set then make a dash for the pubs and chilled wine bars of the city. The West End and The Valley areas are you best party bet when in Brisbane.

 4.       Melbourne

For a more chilled-out party vibe head to Melbourne. This is the city where the cool kids with the cool drinks hang out. The shindig here isn’t as glitzy as Sydney but that in no way means the city is boring or drab. St. Kilda and Fitzroy are the Australian places to eat & head to chill, socialise and drink till your head spins with all that revelry.

It is important that your Australia holiday package does not only include a visit to any or all of the above mentioned cities, but that it in fact accommodates you in these cities for at least 4D/3N. If the nights are any fewer, how will you fully live the Australian party experience!?