A Complete Travel Guide to Sukhothai and its Attractions

Sukhothai is an important ingredient of the wondrous country called Thailand. It is not as vibrant as Pattaya or as daring as Bangkok, but is a shy, indolent and historic little town where life moves at its own leisurely place. Thailand tour packages usually keep 1 day for a Sukhothai trip so that tourists can soak in the historical beauty of this ethereal town.

How to reach Sukhothai: It is best to travel to Sukhothai from the capital city of Bangkok. You can travel by plane, by train and even by buses which are operated by Thailand tourism department.

Where to stay: There are all kinds of hotels available in this town which is a popular tourist site. Most of them are of midrange budget and quite affordable. In case, you are itching for luxurious resorts, then you would find them towards the outskirts of the town. Alternatively, you can also buy the best Thailand tour packages which will include a stay in one of the better hotels of the city.

What to see in Sukhothai: Sukhothai is the home of many ancient and medieval-age temples and historical sites. Some popular attractions are Wat Sra Sri, Wat Sra Sawai and Wat Mahathat. These temples just take the icing when it comes to historical richness and architectural splendor. Wat Sri Chum is another must-visit site noted for its Giant Buddha statue. The biggest attraction is the Sukhothai Historical Park which has been christened with the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Overall, the town is a treasure trove of ruins, temples and historical sites. However, there is little else other than these.

Thailand tour packages from India, including Delhi and Mumbai, are now available easily on internet. It is recommended that you do couple your Bangkok or Pattaya trip with a Sukhothai tour!


Top 5 Festivals of Thailand

ImageThailand’s vibrant culture and fun is a Thai way of life. It isn’t a big surprise then, that some of the world’s most interesting festivals are celebrated in Thailand. With color, candles, masks, flowers, these festivals give you an insight into life of the Thais. We give you our top pick of five festivals, and when you’re checking out Thailand packages, you could try and time your visit accordingly. 

Songkran Festival – Now a huge tourist magnet, the Songkran is perhaps the grandest of all Thai festivals. Marking the end of the dry season, this is the traditional Thai New Year, and is celebrated between April 13th and 15th each year. When you leave your hotel to look around the place, don’t be surprised if a water balloon greets you. Songkran is the time when enthusiastic Thais have water fights with friends and family, and as a traveler, you will really get a flavor of Thai life. Chiang Mai is one of the best places to be in during Songkran, although you’ll have fun anywhere in Thailand at this time. 

Loy Krathong – Celebrated during the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month, this ‘Festival of Lights’, Loy Krathong is when you will see hundreds of ‘krathong’ or little boats made of banana leaves or coconut shells set afloat in rivers. You will also see several candles being floated, making for one of the most beautiful festivals ever. Loy Krathong is about giving thanks, especially to the water-goddess, Phra Mae Khongkha. The celebrations in the west coast beaches of Phuket are grand, and if you’ve been browsing Phuket tour packages, be sure to visit during this time. 

Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival – With parades, music, dance and delicious food, the Bun Bang Fai is one of the most enjoyable festivals of Thailand. Celebrated in the month of May, this festival is when homemade bottle rockets are set off, in an effort to persuade the gods of rain to shower the land with their blessings. 

Phi Ta Khon – If you happen to visit the Dan Sai area sometime in the month of June, you may witness one of the most esoteric festivals ever – the Phi Ta Khon or exorcising the ghosts. Somewhat akin to Halloween, the men dress up wearing masks like ghosts and there’s a lot of music and dancing. A local shaman decides the exact date, and it is usually in the month of June. 

The King’s Birthday – In the month of December, the Thai’s celebrate the birthday of their king who is worshipped almost like a living God. The Grand Palace in Bangkok is the best place to celebrate this joyous occasion, with a lot of music, dance and great food.

Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Thailand

I recently spoke with a friend from Philadelphia, who spent three weeks in Thailand. Three weeks? I wondered what all the fuss was about. His excuse was some coveted sun, sand and waves; but if I tell you to visit Thailand to soak up some sun, you’re going to hit back with a speech about how you’ve had enough sun for years to come and if I push it, you’ll pack your bags and run away to Goa – sending me some pictures of you soaking up the sun, just for good measure. But, think tuk tuks, glittering temples, cheap shopping, food and go-go bars and you’ll be out the door in a jiffy.


Where to go in Thailand depends; will you be with kids or alone? Do you want to lounge around a beach searching for the perfect Thai massage (Wat Pho in Bangkok is a good place to start) or see the inside of a temple? Whatever it may be, I’m sure you’re already doing your research, so to help you out (or confuse you just a tiny bit more), here are a few destinations you should add to your list.

Bangkok: It’s a cliché, but can you imagine coming off a trip and not having seen Bangkok? They say you can soak up a lot of Thai culture, but if you’re not motoring through tourists and bargaining over cheap clothes, you’re not in the right place. Shop till you drop by all means, but don’t miss the grandeur of the city because you’re busy looking at shoes. The city has some spectacular temples, the Floating Market and the beautiful Grand Palace, all of which you must see.

Koh Phangan: This one’s for the young and the young at heart. Home to the famous Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan is also a beautiful, beach-y place off-season. It’s not a family destination so avoid it with children. But, it’s great for all-nighters, good music and the sound of waves.

Koh Mak: If you’re tired of running around, have had your fair share of bars and tourist attractions and want some peace and calm, head over to the serene Koh Mak. What’s to see? Stunning stretches of sand, pristine, clear blue waters and coconut plantations.

Kanchanaburi: If you’re a fan of old war movies, you can’t miss seeing the bridge over the river Kwai in person, can you? The famous World War II Bridge, cool weather and museums across the city make it a good place to stop over. If you want to backpack, relax by a river, soak up some historical sights and archeological wonders, this is the place to be.

Krabi: Include a trip to the Phi Phi islands to get your fill of sun and sand when you’re here. However, for lush, verdant hues and a spectacular cave or two, this is the place to be for sanctuaries, national parks, lagoons springs and falls.

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